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3D Strike Remove the 3d bricks carefully from the board.
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Mountain Life Take this nice opportunity to spend one day in the mountain village. Collect the items and solve the...
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Bluey Bluey is a ball who needs to get to his blue jeep. The problem is that it is never a straight pat...
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Crazy Seashells The oysters are protecting the precious pearl in them so you cannot find them. They are not stopping...
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Opposite Arrows In Opposite Arrow reaction speed is everything. Unlock 5 variants of the game, increase the challeng...
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Normandy Jigsaw Put together three great pictures of Normandy in France, including historical pictures of D-Day.
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The Inca Quest You are an adventurer on a mission deep in the jungle. Follow the clues to solve the legend of the h...
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Lake Sylvan Jigsaw Put together three great pictures of Lake Sylvan in Custer State Park in South Dakota.
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Football A New Challenge In this game you need to draw a shortest path for ball to make a successful goal. Click the player (...
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8 Square Slider Classic slider puzzle game of eight square tiles in a three by three box. The sort of puzzle game...
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Small World Look around and discover all these wondrous hidden items in the strange little world.
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Fruit Deduction In this puzzle game you need to guess a correct combination of fruits. You can propose different com...
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Chocolate Solitaire This is a kind of classical puzzle game. Remove all chocolates except one from the board. To do this...
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Manhattan Jigsaw Put together three jigsaws of Manhattan in 5 different sizes and 5 different shape cuts.
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Animal Shelter Escape 2 After escaping the animal shelter you try to take a short cut home through the Fair Grounds. Unfort...
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Escape Castle Graystone You were caught sneaking around Castle Graystone and the Guard threw you into the dark dungeon.
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Escape From Neighbor House I heard a strange noise from my neighborhood. The furious yelling sheared my ears. I rushed out to c...
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Seattle Jigsaw Put together 3 jigsaws of Seattle in 5 difficulties and 5 shape cuts
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Munich Jigsaw Use the mouse to piece together three pictures of Munich
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Boquillas Del Carmen Piece together three pictures of Boquillas Del Carmen in Mexico and of the Canyon and the river
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