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Ceramic Filter

Type: Metal ore beneficiation equipment
Processed Materials:
Superfine iron, copper, lead, zinc, iron, silver, gold, sulfur and other metal ore beneficiation processing plant. Essence, tailings and other materials filtered, and it is also well applied to phosphorus, fluorite, quartz and other non-metallic minerals.
The product has been widely applied to major mining companies' filter process, such as, iron ore, copper, lead ore, aluminum ore, nickel ore, gold ore, phosphate ore, fluorite ore and so on.

Ceramic Filter

Ceramic Filter

Ceramic Filter Overview

The ceramic filter is integrating electromechanical,porous ceramics and ultrasonic technology.What is a filtration equipment relies on vacuum suction and capillary action to achieve solid-liquid separation.With high filtration efficiency,low production cost,energy saving,environment protection.Applicable to materials fineness 200-450 mesh and various ultrafine materials. It can be widely used in metallurgy, mineral processing and other industries,what is the world’s most advanced products of solid-liquid separation.

Ceramic Filter Features

1. Excellent chemical stability, resistant to acid, alkali, resistance to oxidation;
2. High resistance to high temperature, high voltage, large over current and high filter precision;
3. Resistant to organic solvents;
4. Longer life compared with the organic film;
5. Easy to clean, available online pharmaceutical or high-temperature sterilization, reverse flush.

Ceramic Filter Working Principle

Ceramic filter under the poor pressure, when the suspension through the filter medium, the particles are trapped in the filter cake formed on the surface medium, the liquid flow through the filter medium, to achieving the solid-liquid separation. Ceramic filter plate has a microporous that can generate capillary effect, which makes the pores of the capillary force is greater than the force exerted by the vacuum, so that pores remain filled with liquid state, no matter under what circumstances, ceramic filter plate does not allow air through, because there is no air through, the solid-liquid separation is of low energy consumption and high vacuum.

Ceramic Filter Specifications